Pastors/Group Leaders

Pastors/Group Leaders

Why Lead a Group?

To connect with your church members through a unique shared experience, lead them to a Closer Relationship with God, and enrich their lives with a once-in-a-lifetime Christian experience.

What Makes a Holy Land Tour a Ministry?

It is a Spiritual Retreat that has life changing experiences. It will Enrich your Spiritual Life, Enrich Individual Lives, Increase your Biblical knowledge and will develop Christian Fellowship.

Six Powerful Benefits Why Pastors Should Lead a Group

  • Renews your own spirit.
  • Deliver powerful sermons based on knowledge and events of the Holy Land.
  • Understand the context of the culture, geographic locations of biblical events, and people of biblical times and how all of that impacts those events.
  • Renews your passion and your excitement for the Bible.
  • Develop Deep and lasting Interpersonal Bonds.
  • Enhances you as a Spiritual Leader and is a great addition to your dynamic ministry.

Benefits for Church Members Now and Future

  • Awakens the spiritual dimension of your church members’ faith in a way no other experience can.
  • Prayer life will be enriched and they will desire to know Jesus more intimately.
  • Church members will recall more about scripture because they have seen the land.
  • Provide Intense Christian Education Experiences for Church Teachers and they will be better teachers, because they have experienced the Land of the Bible.
  • Increase church member’s Confidence to Share the Gospel Story with others.
  • The journey will strengthen your current teachers and develop new leaders for tomorrow. Those who were hesitant to lead a study group will feel empowered. Others may be encouraged to consider ministry as a vocation.
  • Creates an opportunity to develop deep and lasting bonds. Church members who travel together will be connected by a shared spiritual experience. This connection can help to provide Spiritual Restoration,
    Revitalization, and Comfort to those who may feel disconnected due to difficult life issues.

Benefits of Being a Tour Host

Benefits of Being a Travel Host

  • Build new relationships with other churches and pastors.
  • Provide a unique opportunity to grow and share in faith and spiritual fellowship.
  • Assurance that you are a receiving reliable and trustworthy planning from a company that has specialized in Religious and Pilgrimage travel to The Holy Land and Europe for the past 20 years.

Responsibilities of Being a Travel Host

  • Recruit tour groups of 20 or more passengers (15 required to be a group). If have less than 15 passengers we can join you with another group.
  • Be knowledgeable about what our tours include and share with the passengers.
  • Providing all payments and necessary information to our office
  • Make sure a study is created for your tour (We do have a study we can offer)
  • Be the contact between your passengers and our office

All of the Tours Include the Following

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • All Transfers
  • Accommodations in First Class Hotels
  • Transportation by Deluxe Modern Motor Coach
  • Baggage Handling
  • Buffet Breakfast and Dinner Daily
  • English Speaking Professional Tour Guides
  • Itinerary as Per Description
  • Entrance Fees to all Tour Sites
  • Fuel Surcharge and Government Taxes (Subject to Change)
  • Gratuities – Hotels, Dining Rooms, Luggage Handling
  • Farewell Dinner


Travel Insurance is NOT included but may be purchased. For more details please click on Travel/Insurance Information.

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